Hai sa stam…

Am facut curatenie in toata casa azi si m-am asezat apoi in pat. Vreau sa ma relaxez dar gandurile mele ma duc fix unde nu trebuie. Incerc sa calmez lacrimile ce curg siroaie dar stii ce….Aveam nevoie sa plang in sfarsit, dupa atata vreme in care am tinut totul in mine.

Dau drumul la youtube si ma apuc sa ascult muzica….Hai sa stam si sa ascultam, hai sa stam si sa ne gandim ca toate merg mai departe, ca timpul nu se opreste in loc si viata nici atat.



If I leave you standing there
Throw away all my cares
I would paint a picture
The perfect vanilla sky
I would paint a picture and then I would step inside
So nothing could touch me there
It would be so easy to clean the slate
You could be so easily erased

I think I’ll just get in the car and drive
100,000 miles
Leave everything behind
I think I’ll book a flight
One-way ticket out
Put you out of my mind forever now


Hai sa stam…

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